2 thoughts on “Local Black Politics with Kelli Clifton Ogunsanya”

  1. Hello Irami,
    I am listening to your Memorial Day show while Yvette is away. Let me say first that it is encouraging to see young black men committed to freeing our people. I am 60 years old, ex-Air Force Intelligence, Ex-Commerce Dept. Economist, & current high school math teacher. I enjoyed listening to Dr. Connolly. I am across a video of Dr. Curry a few days ago.
    I grew up in a segregated community in the 60’s and early 70’s. We had every business imaginable in our community. After Integration when we were allow to go downtown and spend our money in white stores, we abandoned our community businesses and our schools closed.
    I moved back 15 years ago with a desire and vision to bring black business ownership and community schools back to our community. I am introducing it as a pilot program we can spread nationwide if we can make it work here. It is called the National Black Community Redevelopment Association. The website is nbcra.online if you would like to take a look.
    I want reparations for our people, but I believe we must do what we can build financial strength and take over educating our children.
    Also, I sent a couple of email to Breaking Brown because I wanted to make a donation and subscribe to the news letter, but when I choose the credit/debit option, it only gave me paypal options.

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