What Is Neoliberalism?

Neoliberalism, featuring The O’Jays and Slave.

For more information about Neoliberalism, check out Wendy Brown’s Undoing the Demos and Edgework, Foucault’s The Birth of Biopolitics, and Bernard Harcourt’s The Illusion of Free Markets. I didn’t get to talk about the transnational aspects of neoliberalism where market principles rationalize eroding state-sovereignty and use debt to manage a new form of colonialism, but David Harvey and David Graeber have written extensively on the subject.

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What Is Freedom?

Here it is:

I cover a lot of terrain in this video, but like the good doctor, Dr. Dre, said, “Things get funky when you add a subject and a predicate.”

Music Credits:
James Brown – Get Up
Uptown Funk Empire  – You’ve Got to Have Freedom
Most of this comes from Hegel’s Elements of the Philosophy of Right, Wood’s book “Hegel’s Ethical Theory,” and Richard Dien Winfield’s Hegel and the Future of Systematic Philosophy.

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