What Are Institutions?

Veblen, Hegel, Maceo Parker,  and Lauryn Hill. That’s right, this episode is on institutions.

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Everything is Everything, Lauryn Hill

For more information about institutions as settled habits of thought and action, check out Thorstein Veblen’s The Place of Science in Modern Civilization, especially the chapters on the limits of marginal utility and the nature of capital.

For more on Hegel, check out the Elements of the Philosophy of Right, but it’s a bit of a job to get through without prior familiarity with Hegel. Lydia Moland just came out with a nice book that sketches the points you need for the video’s argument called, “Hegel on Political Identity: Patriotism, Nationality, Cosmopolitanism.”

What Is Structural Injustice? (3:37)

What’s structural injustice, how does it differ from conventional notions of injustice, and when was the last time you heard MC Breed? Check out our latest video!

For more information on the arguments, check out Iris Marion Young’s Responsibility for Justice.

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